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Kaali Venkat is an actor who plays supporting roles in Tamil film industry. The actor was born on 16 November in Kovilpatti. Venkat worked in tea stalls and grocery shops before landing in the industry. He is also well known for acting in short movies. Kaali Venkat was spotted in a mahurat event in this gallery. Kaali Venkat was seen in a pink T- shirt in all the pictures.

Kaali Venkat has worn faded denim trousers and deep blue color flip flops. Kaali Venkat is wearing a silver wristwatch and gives out a cheerful smile. Behind Kaali Venkat, the movie poster is present, and he poses graciously in front of it. Kaali Venkat came into the limelight after ‘Theigedi’. Kaali Venkat has a plump figure and whitish complexion for which the clothes well suit him. Kaali Venkat has also played a comic role in Tamil movies. Kaali Venkat has some movies to be released and being filmed that can give more fame to the actor.