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Yeh Dil Mera Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV
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Yeh Dil Mera is a 2019 Pakistani Urdu-language television drama series that aired on channel Hum TV. The show was premiered on 30 October 2019, and casts Ahad Raza Mir Ahad Raza Mir is a Pakistani singer, actor, and pr >> Read More... , Sajal Aly, and Adnan Siddiqui Adnan Siddiqui is a well-known Pakistani actor. He >> Read More... in lead roles. It was produced by Momina Duraid   A phenomenal producer and a brilliant director, >> Read More... under the production house MD Productions. The storyline revolves around the life of a young girl, Aina. She is pursuing chemical engineering and is the only daughter of a powerful business tycoon, Mir Farooq Zaman. Aina is an extremely ambitious young soul, and is pursuing an internship program from AK oil industry, named after its CEO Aman-Ullah Khan. Soon, she falls in love with Aman and he too, wins her heart by his charming personality. Aman proposes Aina for marriage, but pretty soon, he cancels it a few days before the ceremony. He flies to UK and after coming back, marries Aina.

Even though Aina’s heart was already broke when he left her the first time, she manages to find the courage and beg Aman to get married to her. With this disastrous start to their marriage, soon Aina and Aman become distant. Aman becomes hostile towards her, and Aina has no idea what went wrong. She starts looking for answers and finds a deep, dark secret. She finds out that her husband had a traumatic childhood as he lost his parents and sister when he was a child. She becomes more shocked when she gets to know that they were murdered by her father, Mir Farooq. Because of this enormous revelation, Aina understands why Aman is acting this way.

But she wishes to prove her father’s innocence as there is no evidence of all this. The couple visits Daryabagh to get the proof. Aman’s parents were allegedly murdered in Daryabagh. Aman comes to avenge the death of his family, while Aina has come to prove the innocence of her father. After reaching Daryabagh, Aina gets know that her mother, Neelofer Farooq, was murdered by Ali Bakhsh, his father's assistant, on Mir Farooq's orders while she was running from Mir Farooq's home with her daughter Aina. Her mother was running away because Farooq tried to assault Aman's mother, Humaira, and killed Aman's parents and sister. She was so disheartened and scared that running away with her daughter was the only choice left for her. After knowing the harsh reality, Aina and Aman separate. Even though she had no hand in his father’s heinous crimes, she feels guilty and pities Aman. She opens a school for poor children in Daryabagh with this money. Aman also dedicates his life to the orphanage.


Ayesha Khan Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 27 September 1982
Ayesha Khan
Hina Altaf Urdu Anchor
DOB: 24 October 1992
Hina Altaf
Sohai Ali Abro Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 13 May 1994
Sohai Ali Abro
Nadia Afgan Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 9 July 1970
Nadia Afgan
Neelam Muneer Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 20 March 1992
Neelam Muneer
Nida Yasir Urdu Anchor
DOB: 12 October 1973
Nida Yasir