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O Rangreza Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV
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O Rangreza was an Urdu romantic drama television series directed by the Kashif Nisar Kashif Nisar was born in the place Quetta, which i >> Read More... . The series premiered on Hum TV on July 28, 2017, and concluded on February 23, 2018, having aired 31 episodes. In the story, two lead characters had played by Bilal Abbas and Sajal Ali                 Among the emerging young talents i >> Read More... . The story followed Sassi, a determined young woman who had strived to be her father Khayyam's ideal daughter. Her maternal cousin Qasim became interested in Sassi but abandoned his thoughts due to Khayyam's favors. Khayyam had a crush on an actress named Sonia Jahan. Sassi began to follow in her footsteps. One day, when it was her father's birthday, she danced with him. Her father was embarrassed by this and slapped her for it. Sassi began to despise her father as a result. Her father had arranged for her to tie the knot with Qasim, but he refused. Later, Sonia had developed a critical illness in which all of her organs had failed to function. She lost her ability to talk, her producers had seized all of her belongings, and she passed away in Khayam's home. With her film "Sonia Jahan," a tribute to the actress's life, Sassi became a movie star.

Qasim had developed feelings for Amna, whereas Sassi had interjected and became envious. She pushed Amna, who was desperate to reclaim Qasim. However, Amna had rescued, and despite Sassi's plight, Khayyam asked Amna to let Qasim get married to Sassi. At her wedding, Sassi understood that Qasim was not in love with her anymore. Sassi rejected Qasim. Finally, Amna and Qasim were together. In the end, one can see Sassi was dancing the same way she did that day when she danced for her father with Sonia.


Adeel Chaudhry Urdu Movie Actor
DOB: 15 June 1988
Adeel Chaudhry
Goher Mumtaz Hindi Musician
DOB: 27 July 1981
Goher Mumtaz
Yasir Nawaz Urdu Director
DOB: 22 June 1970
Yasir Nawaz
Arij Fatyma Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 7 November 1989
Arij Fatyma
Ali Rehman Khan Urdu Movie Actor
DOB: 6 May 1988
Ali Rehman Khan
Asim Raza English Director
DOB: 21 August 1966
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