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Middle-Class Love 2022 is an excellent movie about the dreams, challenges and feelings of a young college student named Yudi. He wants to break free from his middle-class family constraints. Yudi, played by Prit Kamani Every day so many actors, artists and musicians ar >> Read More... , feels trapped by his background. He thinks love will help him escape to a better life. So he believes finding love and money will set him free. Eisha Singh Eisha Singh was born on 24th of November in 1998. >> Read More... plays Ashna, who enters Yudi's life. To him, she represents the life he desires. Kavya Thapar acts as Kavya Sysha, adding to the romance.

The relationships of Yudi, Ashna and Sysha unfold against their personal goals and conflicts. As Yudi navigates love, he meets people who help him grow. Manoj Pahwa plays Yudi's dad Sharmaji gives wisdom. Sapna Sand Sapna Sand is an Indian actress. She is known for >> Read More... portrays mom Jaya influencing Yudi's views. Others like Omkar Kulkarni also impact his journey. Director Ratnaa Sinha brings the story to life through authentic emotions and interactions. The characters feel relatable in their struggles and growth. Writer Yash Keswani skillfully blends romance drama and discovery. The movie shows the aspirations and challenges of Indian youth breaking norms. It explores the universal desire to pursue dreams despite emotional complications. The acting brings impact through vulnerability, enthusiasm and authenticity. Prit Kamani makes Yudi engaging. Eisha Singh and Kavya Thapar enrich the romance. Manoj Pahwa adds wisdom as Sharmaji. Middle-class love shows a journey of romance and self-realisation. As Yudi learns about love, he values his roots, relationships, and integrity. Released on September 16 2022 the film resonated across generations through its universal themes. In summary, Middle-Class Love is a movie about youthful dreams, love complexities and pursuing life's purpose. With heartfelt acting and narrative, it invites self-reflection on personal growth, relationships and fulfilment. Viewers of all ages can watch this show. Watch it on Daily 





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