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Bunty I Love You Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV
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Bunty, I Love You is a captivating Pakistani drama serial that originally graced the screens of Hum TV from December 29, 2013, to May 18, 2014. Directed by Sirajul Haque and penned by Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar, the series is a production of Momina Duraid   A phenomenal producer and a brilliant director, >> Read More... under Momina Duraid Productions. The plot unfolds around Dania, a young woman married at the tender age of 17, to Patel, a much older man. After Patels demise, twelve years later, Dania inherits half of his property, harboring dreams of embracing a life of freedom. Fate takes a twist when she accidentally collides with Bunty, a mobile phone snatcher much younger than her.

Dania's life takes an unexpected turn as she finds herself captivated by Bunty's charisma. Dania's affection for Bunty grows as she takes him to the hospital, invests a significant sum in his treatment, and envisions a future of love and happiness with him. Despite dropping hints, Bunty remains oblivious to Dania's feelings. Instead, he continues to flirt with other women, unaware of the depth of Dania's emotions. Bunty's romantic entanglements take different turns as he becomes infatuated with Mehwish, his best friend's sister, and later with Beenish, who teaches him English. Unbeknownst to Bunty, Mehwish is only interested in his wealth.

Dania intervenes, buying Bunty's affection from Mehwish and revealing the truth to him. The romantic complexities escalate when Bunty falls for Beenish, leading to secret dating. Dania, always dropping clues about her love, struggles to make Bunty understand her feelings. Misunderstandings and deceptions pile up as Bunty's romantic pursuits intertwine with various women. In a tragic turn of events, Bunty proposes to another girl, Sehrish, who, recognizing his true feelings for Dania, advises him to express his love to her. Bunty, finally realizing Dania's affections, proposes to her.

However, the twist in the tale comes when Dania challenges Bunty to prove his love by drinking poison. Tragically, Bunty consumes the poison, and Dania is left heartbroken and alone. The stellar cast includes Saba Qamar Saba Qamar is a Pakistani Beauty. She is a model. >> Read More... as Dania Noman Habib, Bunty Abid Ali as Patel, Saboor Ali Saboor Ali, is one of the beautiful models and act >> Read More... as Mehwish Mehar Bano as Beenish, and a talented ensemble bringing the characters to life. "Bunty, I Love You" is not just a love story; it's a poignant exploration of unrequited love, societal expectations, and the complexities of relationships. The series, adorned with stellar performances, has etched its place in the annals of Pakistani television for its gripping narrative and emotional depth.


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