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Metro Kathalu Telugu TV SERIALS on Aha
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Metro Kathalu is a Telugu language drama series. This series was aired on the streaming channel Aha. It was released on 14 August 2020, with four episodes. Karuma Kumar directs this series. This is an anthology with four different stories that show love, pain, men, and ignorance. All the stories are set in Hyderabad city.  The first story is about a couple, Chandu and Abhi Ram. Chandu writes an email to Abhiram. In this email, she wrote a love letter in Telugu. After sending the mail, she told him to print out the email and propose to her with that letter. This sweet story of them feels fresh and happy.

Another goes for Sana and his drunkard husband. Sana's husband met with an accident, and who hit him took him to the hospital. When Sana got angry at Varun, who hit her husband, this story indicates the grief and unknowingly done things. Sana slapped Varun in anger, but later, she felt she did wrong to him. Later, she went to him and asked him to forgive her, and eventually, they found out.

Another story is about Supriya and his career-oriented husband, who aren't close to her. She is unhappy with this, and that's why she finds a way. She learned that she was suffering from a disease called Breast cancer. She might not have much time, so she tries intimate things with a friend. The last story is about a couple, Abbas and Salma. Abbas and Salma are a middle-class couple. In this episode, Abbas narrates the story of his father. How was he, and what had he done so far? This story has an emotional touch and gripping scenes.


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Jyothi Reddy
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