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Telugu Tv Serial Maa Neella Tank

Maa Neella Tank Telugu TV SERIALS on ZEE5

Maa Nella Tank is a Telugu-language satirical political comedy-drama Indian web series. This Lakshmi Soujanya directorial premiered on Zee5 on July 15, 2022. It starred Sushanth, Priya Anand Priya Anand is a popular Tamil actress who has app >> Read More... , and Sudarshan in lead roles. Its story starts in Buchivolu village of Rayalaseema, ruled by a politically well-established couple, Sarpanch Kodandam and his wife Chamundi. They have a very pampered, good-for-nothing, and wanna-be social media influencer son, Gopal (Sudarshan). He dreams of marrying Surekha (Priya Anand), as suggested by her friend.

However, unwilling to marry Gopal, Surekha runs away from her home. Learning about her disappearance, Gopal climbs the village’s dysfunctional Neella water tank. He threatens to commit suicide if he cannot marry Surekha. He accuses his father of everything. Hence, to secure his image as a village leader, Kodandam appointed sub-inspector Vamsi (Sushanth) to find the missing girl and promised the villagers to repair the water tank. 

Vamsi wanted to get transferred to Hyderabad, and only the Sarpanch can make it possible for him. He had to bring back the girl to get what he desperately wanted. He lies to Surekha and brings her back to the village. After knowing the truth, she resents Vamsi but has to stay back. Vamsi also felt guilty after seeing her helpless situation. The series then further focuses on various angles of the story like the upcoming marriage of Gopal and Surekha, the relationship of Surekha and Vamsi, the political rivalry of Narsimha and Kodandam, the next elections, etc., making it a visual treat for the viewers.