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Other names of Leslie Tripathy: Lezlie Tripathy
Odia Movie Actress Leslie Tripathy
Written By - Team Nettv4u

The golden girl from Orissa and a brilliant academician, Leslie Tripathy, the only child of Dr. Sailendra Tripathy, became a famous star of Oriya film industry and won over hearts of millions across worldwide with her immaculate acting skills. Also a gold medal winner in English, she has written articles and has campaigned in for women's rights. She has pursued Mass Communication from Chennai. Before entering into the Bollywood industry, Tripathy was quite active in Oriya film industry, including music albums and movies.

Lezlie is already a celebrity in the literary landscape as a poet and author of a Poetry anthology, ‘Because I Am a Girl’. Tripathy has accomplished a series of awards for her remarkable contribution to social service, academics, activism against injustice, and women emancipation and empowerment.

Leslie appeared in her first Telugu movie co-starring with Sivaji. In 2014, Lezlie debuted in Hindi film industry with W, directed by Tarun Madan Chopra.

In 2008, Leslie sought police protection from Raja Acharya, who was stalking her. It was alleged that Biranchi Das also intervened to stop the stalker and that he was killed as a result. Leslie Tripathy in her words once said that she is undeterred by emotional and psychological hindrances to her career as she is quite accustomed to such circumstances since childhood. 

However, we pray you to be safe always and continue to amaze your millions of fans forever!!   


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