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It rarely happens that good regional content reaches the mass, and Mohe Piya Milenge was Zee Tv's attempt at it. It is originally a Marathi serial which has been dubbed in Hindi, the name of the serial being Julun Yeti Reshimgaathi. The serial was very popular within the Marathi community and had drama, light-hearted comedy, and romance as well.The serial was produced by Hemant Devdhar in association with Essel Vision Entertainment and premiered on Zee Tv on 4th May 2015. The show revolved around the concept of love after marriage and how the female protagonist latter falls in love with the guy she was reluctant to marry. Here the protagonist Meghana played by Prajakta Mali Prajakta Mali is an Indian film and TV actress who >> Read More... is in love with a guy named Aditya, who is a freelancer and explorer.

However, her father disapproves of her choice as he is not employed properly and wants her to marry a guy whose name is also Aditya, Aditya Desai Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , played by Lalit Badane, who falls in love with her in the first meeting itself. Due to the absence of her love, Aditya relies on and marries her father's choice of Aditya, and the story starts from here. In the first episode, we are introduced to Meghana's extremely possessive and superstitious father. He is rich who has blind faith in a godman and does not even want his daughter to complete her education and instead wants to marry her off as early as possible.Elsewhere Meghana is with her love Aditya and is worried that he might not stay with her forever owing to his hippie nature as he is always busy exploring and experiencing new things that he never misses her.

He, however, consoles her that he will always be there for her. Simultaneously the scene shifts to Desai household where the atmosphere is very jovial. In the family, there is a father and a mother having two sons and a daughter. The elder son and the daughter are married, and both have children from their marriage. The head of the family, Nana player by veteran actor Girish Oak Girish Oak Is An Actor Working For Films In Hindi >> Read More... , is seen joking about his wife's weight, calling her a jar, leaving the family in splits. At the end of the show, we are introduced to Aditya Desai. The show was telecasted on the channel every week from Monday to Friday in the evening at 5:30 pm. The show, however, couldn't emulate the success that it enjoyed on Zee's Marathi channel Zee Marathi. The last episode was aired on 5th June 2015.


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Amit Bhatt
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