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Liplock  Bengali WEB SERIES on Addatimes

Liplock is a Bengali thriller horror web series that aired on the OTT platform, Addatimes in 2020 and is also available in the Hindi language dub. It is a chilling supernatural thriller genre series that revolves around the life of a young protagonist. This youngster is not an ordinary person. He developed a special ability that allows him to interact with the other world. This power allows him to communicate with ghosts and spirits. This revelation disturbs his reality and his real life because these spirits not only communicate with him randomly in person but also across his social media platforms. The spirits can talk to him via the use of social media. Soon he finds out about a weird connection that he shares with the spirits, and this truth changes his life. What could be this connection, and what will happen to him? This web series stars Pritha Sengupta Pritha Sengupta is an Indian actress born in Barra >> Read More... , Payel Roy   Payel Roy is an Indian actress who worked for t >> Read More... , Ananya Das, and many more.


Raima Sen Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 11 November 1979
Raima Sen
Debolina Dutta Bengali TV-Actress
DOB: 20 April 1977
Debolina Dutta
Hiran Chatterjee Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 19 December 1985
Hiran Chatterjee
Monami Ghosh Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 13 July 1984
Monami Ghosh
Rita Dutta Chakraborty Bengali TV-Actress
DOB: 4 July 1956
Rita Dutta Chakraborty