Urdu Tv Serial Saiqa


Saiqa is a Pakistani soap opera which was telecasted on HUM TV. Released on 19th January and continuing until 27th May 2009, the serial is written by ‘Moomal Shunaid’ and directed by ‘Asim Ali’ consisting of a total of 56 episodes revolving around a love story filled with twists and turns involving rich mafia circles and insane family drama. The serial tells the story of Naaji and Tajir who meet and fall in love with each other. Naaji is portrayed as a young girl who is born and brought up in a village by poor parents. Her innocence, naive nature and kind heart attracts the attention of the aristocratic Tajir, who falls for her and marries her later. However, Tajir was already engaged to Fauzia and hence his family didn’t want to accept Najji as his wife.

After the marriage and overcoming several obstacles and humiliations in her path Najji attempts suicide because of Fauzia which leads to Tajir dying as well because of hearing her reported death. However, before his death he had fathered a child who grows up with the name of Saiqa. The environment she faces since her birth is filled with hate and insults towards her and her mother. The family hates both of them and plots to get rid of them almost at every minute of their life. As she grows up, another character is introduced in the story.

A young man named Rehan. Rehan hates Saiqa at the beginning like each and every person of the family but later falls in love with her. Sumaira, Saiqa’s cousin is secretly in love with Rehan and hates Saiqa even more for this when she hears that Rehan loves Saiqa. How the story takes an even more interesting twist from here and whether the hate towards Saiqa would ever subside is what constitutes the rest of the episodes.