Telugu Tv Show Pelli Pustakam

Pelli Pustakam Telugu TV SHOWS on ZEE TELUGU

Pelli Pustakam is a Telugu show broadcast on the Z Telugu channel. In this show, different wedding ceremonies of famous people are shown in detail. The first episode consists of the wedding of Parnika and Nikhil. The host of this show introduces the audience to this couple. All the customs and rituals of their wedding are shown on this show. The starting of this show starts with the initial rituals of their wedding, like the make-up session of the bride and the groom. These rituals take place in the house of the bride and groom, respectively. Next, the Bangle ceremony takes place. After this, the rituals taking place in the groom’s house are shown.

The Turmeric ceremony takes place after these rituals. The groom is also made ready for his wedding. After this, the real wedding ceremonies are shown. The Farewell Ceremony of the bride is the last ceremony of the wedding day. The bride and the groom eat their first bite of food, as a married couple, together to increase love. They also go to the temple to get God’s and the priest’s blessing. After loads of photos taken by the professional photographer, the couple return to the groom’s house for the ending rituals. This includes welcoming the bride into their house. One of the rituals is the ‘finding the ring’ ritual in which the bride and groom have to find the ring from a bowl of milk. It is believed whoever finds the ring first would rule the other person in the marriage.

The marriage is accompanied by the reception. In the reception, the newly married couple meet the guests and take their blessing. The guests get their pictures clicked along with the couple and also shower their blessing on them. Thatis the last ceremony of the marriage. Another royal wedding is of Bhoomija and Abhiram. At this wedding, even common people are allowed to be present as the audience. The couple makes a grand entry. Every wedding ceremony has something special. The couple takes the vows of the marriage by taking rounds of fire. There are seven vows made during these rounds. Some weddings are laden with gold as make-up for both the groom and the bride. The groom has to tie an auspicious thread around the bride’s neck, which seals their eternal bond. In one ritual, the groom has to put rice on the bride’s head. In turn, the bride has to do the same.