Telugu Tv Show Dancing Stars

Dancing Stars Telugu TV SHOWS on Gemini TV

Dancing stars is a Dance reality show that aired on Gemini TV. The show started in 2019 and aired twice a week for one hour each day. The show was hosted by two hosts. Similarly, the show had 2 judges and one of them is Harish Kumar.  The show Dancing Stars did just the thing that was needed to promote rising stars in the regional areas. They hosted auditions in different cities to select the best dancers to participate. After selecting them, they gave them a group name.  Sometimes they danced in a group and competed as a group. The teams were named Ganesh Team, Simha team, Sankar team and King team. These teams were inspired by the names of Telugu movies. In each episode, they performed for the movie songs. After their performance, the judges gave them scores out of 100. Scores given by these judges were added to make total marks.

At the end of their performances, the contestants asked the viewers to vote for them via message. Votes given by viewers were the deciding ones if one contestant should stay in the show or leave it.  The show had different rounds named Class round, FIlmy round, traditional round, and so on. After each round, one pair got eliminated from the show. The judges gave them tips on how they can improve their performance in the next round. After several rounds, the ultimate winner of the show was chosen. He was given a trophy with the title of dancing stars. The winner got some cash amount from Panasonic. Some episodes of the show are available on YouTube.