Telugu Tv Show ATM

ATM Telugu tv-shows on Gemini TV



ATM is a game based show that air on the channel Gemini TV. There is no pre-requirement for participating in this show whatsoever. Any person from anywhere with any age is allowed to participate in this show which has the main purpose of having fun. The show involves people from everywhere participating in the games that are arranged for the show. Along with the games, the show progresses with the host of the show talking about certain secretive matters that lies in the film industry. This makes the show an interesting and, unconsciously, an inspiring watch.

The name of the latest hostess of the show is Anasuya, who has recently taken over the responsibility of hosting this fun-filled game show. Before Anasuya, a guy named Ali was hosting the game show. Ali was previously a comedian, who switched his profession into becoming the host of multiple television shows. However, Ali has discontinued the act of hosting the show. The reason behind this decision is still unclear. Without delaying any time that followed the developments that were required to make to the show, Anasuya has taken over the job of hosting the show. She has recently hosted the show along with many participants like Nikhil, Adith, and Tridha. The show is mainly known for multiple celebrities who appear on the show with the sole purpose of promoting their upcoming films. These celebrate participate in the games held by the show for a successful promotion of their film. They participate as the contestants in the games that are originally organized by the show for the common audience to participate.

In this way, the celebrities are successful in promoting their movies, shows, acts or events. Numerous celebrities have appeared on the show for promoting shows like Ali Talkies, Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu amongst many other TV show promotions.