Telugu Tv Show Adavallaku Matrame

Adavallaku Matrame is a Telugu TV show that airs on the television channel RVS. The television talk show is entirely in Telugu and caters to the audience from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Adavalaku Matrame translates to “Only for women” and is a show that is mainly about women and their lives. The show’s host is the audience favorite, Priyanka. In this show, guest speakers are invited. These guest speakers are women from different fields who are experts in solving women oriented problems.

In one episode a woman from hilife matrimony is requested as the guest speaker. She speaks about the generation difference and how men and women in this time and age are not leading successful marriages and are turning to divorce as if it is a fashion trend. Women from across the state call in to ask their problems to the guest present in that episode. The callers call to ask about different marriage proposals, or if they need help getting married, or about divorce and trouble in the matrimonial side.

The callers who call to ask their questions and doubts also have a chance to win presents. The TV show host, Priyanka, asks questions, and the viewers have to answer it. The host tries to provide hints so that the audience can answer their questions in an easy manner. The questions are dependent on the information that has been given for the duration of the episode either by the host or by the special guest speaker. When the caller can answer the questions, they have to choose a number.

After selecting the number, the number gets rotated and finally the gifts that the caller can earn because of the number gets displayed on the television. According to their number, the callers win presents. Some of the most frequent gifts to win are sarees. Some of the callers play games with the anchor and the special guests. Some episodes of this television show are taken place during festival and holiday season.

The gifts and presents in that episode are more exceptional. For example, in Ugadi and other Andhra festivals, callers are asked how they celebrate their special occasions, what they make, what they wear, what they cook, etc. In these competitions, the audience members are not asked any questions, they just either sing or tell a joke. If they manage to tell a joke or sing a song, they can win a saree.