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Shiva Leelalu Devotional (Miracles of Lord Shiva) is an Indian epic about the miracles experienced by devotees since ages. Lord Shiva is god of kindness and worshipped by many Hindus in India. The series Shiva Leelalu reflects all those mythological stories framed in one series to entertain and enchant people with devotion.

This series was aired on ETV Monday through Thursday at 5:30 PM.The first episode was broadcast on 20th January 2014. This series is produced by Ramoji Rao, chairman of ETV Network.  The story is compilation of frame tales about the existence and theistic events of lord Shiva and his reincarnations. The story opens with the birth details about Lord Shiva’s wannabe wife. According to Indian mythology Lord Shiva is god of ambiguity and absurdity. Shiva has many forms and roles in the Hinduism books like Vedas. This series successfully describes each and every Jyothirlinga, its existence and formation. The frame tales behind each of the Jyothirlinga.

The twelve Jyothirlingas been called as Somnath, Mallikarjun Swamy, Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar, Kedarnath, Bhimashankar, Kashi Viswanath Temple, Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, Vaidyanath Temple, Nageswara Jyothirlinga, Rameswaram, Grishneswar.  Audience gets to indulge in the essence of devotion and believed to get blessings from deity after recapping about the god’s miracles which include Lord Shiva appearing as Fire pillar and Brahma, Vishnu searching the ends of It, Goddess Shakti becoming a half into Lord Shiva, The story of Dakshnamurthi, Drinking the terrific poison and saving the worlds from going extinction, Lord Shiva wearing Crescent to the head, Lord destroying the rite of Daksha, Establishing devotion in the heart of sages of Darukavana, Burning the Kama (lust) to ashes, Burning the Tripurasuras, Blessing Arjuna with Pashupatastra (Bow with Infinite Arrows), Wedding Parvati, Protecting Markandeya from early childhood death and giving alms of 1000 years of life, Cutting the head of daemon Jalandhara, Giving Sudarshana disc to Mahavishnu, Ripping away the elephant daemon, Holding Ganges on the head, Dance of God,  Mahavishnu getting Manmata as the son.