Telugu Tv Serial Saavirahe

Saavirahe Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv

Saavirahe is a Telugu daily serial which was telecasted in MAA TV. This Serial was Produced By Annapurna Productions Pvt. Ltd, which is a Akkineni Nagarjuna’s family production house. The show was directed by K S Rajendra. The story revolves around a father who loves his daughters very much.

‘Sumitra devi’, a middle aged woman was a millionaire. She has no one except ‘Apoorva’ whom she treats as her daughter and ‘Vamana Rao’ who works as an assistant in Sumitra’s house. Sumitra wants an heir to her properties. So she wants Apoorva’s daughter as her heir and wants to donate her whole property to Apoorva’s daughter. But Vamana, who had an eye on Sumitra’s property right from the beginning, wants his granddaughter to be the princess of that palace. So he acts as an honest and trusted assistant to Sumitra and waits for his time. Due to some circumstances and threatens Sumitra gives Apoorva’s daughter, a small kid to Vamana Rao and asks him to raise the girl secretly and safely at some place without knowing her to anyone.

At the same time Vamana Rao’s daughter gives birth to a baby girl and Vamana Rao exchanges this girl with that of Apoorva’s daughter and rises her in a secret place. He gives Apoorva’s daughter to someone else who runs a small hotel in a village and asks them to raise the girl. The kid works with them in their hotel and she was grown up as innocent without any knowledge and studies, while Vamana Rao’s granddaughter was grown up with luxuries, the story goes up with the lives of two kids in entirely different status and finally, who conquered the crown was the theme of the story.