Telugu Tv Serial Puttinti Pattu Cheera

Puttinti Pattu Cheera Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv

Annapurna Studios Pvt. Ltd. launched on 12th August 2013 a new television drama serial on Maa TV, Puttini Pattu Cheera. With only one season and 273 episodes the serial drama, broadcasted the last episode this year on 30th August 2014. From Monday to Friday at 2PM the serial was broadcast and despite of the late hour it was really appreciated by the public and according to Maa TV ratings it was a leader on the market at that hour.

Directed by Rasidh Pedha and with a cast well chosen, with great actor like Yamini, Ashish, Sammeta Gandhi, Koteshwar Rao, Malakpet Sailaja, Sujatha Reddy, Rammamurhy Amrutha, Sravani Divya, Krishna Nagavamshi and many others, they can take all the credentials for this television serial success. The story of the Puttini Pattu Cheera presents the life of a young and beautiful girl from a small village named Godavari. She is the daughter of a sari weaver and the time for marriage arrived for her. Her life takes a big turnaround when she gets married to a boy from a rich family. She has some problems adapting to her new family, with in-laws and to new lifestyle. Annapurna Studios created an emotional story and offers all kinds of emotions.