Telugu Tv Serial Jabilamma

Jabilamma Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

Jabilamma is a family drama broadcasted on Gemini TV from Monday to Friday at 10.00 PM. Jabilamma is a remake of Tamil serial Deivamagal and Telugu serial Oohala Pallakilo. Jabilamma is produced by Vikatan Tele Vistas. Jabilamma revolves around a girl Sri Priya; she is the eldest daughter among three daughters; her father is a businessman and loves his family a lot. Sri Priya has completed her graduation and she wants to work and get a job, but her father doesn’t want her to work and he doesn’t even allow her to join her family business.

Sri Priya’s father fixed her marriage to Kartik and he has agreed to pay a huge amount of dowry, but the story takes a turn when Sri Priya’s father faces a big loss and has to mortgage his property without telling his family. When Kartik’s mother knows this, she breaks the marriage, resulting in death of Sri Priya’s father. After this, Sri Priya and her family had to move to her uncle’s house, where her aunt used to insult them and treated them like servants. Being the eldest, Sri Priya looks for a job and starts working in a hotel, where she meets with Prakash, who is her uncle’s friend’s son. After a lot of fighting between Prakash and Sri Priya, they become friends.

Prakash’s mother likes Sri Priya and sees her as her daughter in law. When Sri Priya gets to know about this, she refuses the offer and said that Prakash and she are only friends. Jabilamma is a serial about the problems of working women and how they overcome them.