Telugu Tv Serial Eshwari

Eshwari Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Eshwari serial was telecasted on Gemini TV from Monday to Friday at 1 pm to 1:30 pm. It is a dubbed serial of a Tamil serial Ilavarasi.

Eshwari serial was directed by M.K. Arunthavaraju and produced by Radaan Media Works.

Santhoshi, Shrikar, Rachita Rachu, Gemini, Arunkumar, Vicky Krrish etc. have acted in this serial.

Eshwari serial is the story of a woman named Eshwari. She is a kind hearted and gracious woman who lives with her parents, brothers and sisters. On a parallel note this serial deals with a family of a man with three sons. His eldest son Rammohan is an unemployed person. His second son is Subramanya is an efficient and honest person. And his third son tries hard to become a police inspector. Eashwari’s father proposes an alliance with the family of Rambabu and decides to give his daughter Eshwari into Rambabus’s son Anand’s hands. But unfortunately his father dies in an accident terminating the dreams of Eshwari’s marriage and makes her believe that Subramanya is the cause for this accident after which she begins to hate Subramanya. When Eshwari’s uncle tries to rearrange the ceased marriage, Kavitha the girlfriend of Anand, spoils the marriage. In order to protect the honor of Eshwari’s family, Subramanya marries Eshwari. With Eshwari who is in the middle of acceptance and rejection of Subramanya, the story moves on with twists and turns.

This serial portrays the family drama efficiently by which it has completed 1000 episodes successfully.