Telugu Tv Serial Chinnadana Neekosam

Chinnadana Neekosam Telugu TV SERIALS on ETV Plus

Chinnadana Neekosam is a Telugu serial that aired on the channel ETV Plus, a 24-7 comedy channel, at 9:30 pm. This serial was directed by Sanjeev Reddy Lingala and produced by Ashok Nalajala. The male and female leads were played by Telugu actors Krishna Kishore and Madhu Reddy.

Chinnadana Neekosam is a romantic comedy love story that happens in a village called Sakhinetipalli. The serial opens with a theme song that shows the different aspects of the life of villagers in a happy way. Shankaram works as an insurance agent, and his boss promises to buy him a car if he gets a certain amount of policies done. He goes around the village explaining to people why they need to get insurances in a gruesome manner, which leads to everyone steering clear of him. Once a bus hangs off the edge of a bridge due to an accident. No one other than Shankaram offers to help, but he does so on a condition. He asks everyone on the bus to sign life insurance policies as a payment for his help, and everyone obliges.

Sujatha, the female lead, was on the bus and hated Shankaram from this point onwards for being selfish. Shankaram then tries to find a perfect guy for his sister, Priyanka. Shankaram and Sujatha become enemies and pull pranks on each other, on a serious level. Shakaram falls in debt to a Sujatha’s father, because of Sujatha. Another character called Samrajyam enters the scene and plots to get Shankaram to marry her. The show also features two fake babas, who lie to people for money.

By the end of the show, Sujatha’s father realizes that Sujatha and Shankaram actually love each other but pretend to hate each other. He plots to get them to confess their feelings for each other, which goes on until they decide to get married and surprise everyone. This hate turned into a love, is a stereotypic love story that attracted many viewers for its unending comedy. The serial had a total of 54 episodes.