Telugu Awards Star Maa Parivaar Awards 2017

Star Maa Parivaar Awards 2017 Telugu AWARDS on Star Maa

The much-awaited awards ceremony, "Star Maa Parivaar Awards 2017," is a Telugu award show that was aired on the 11th of June, 2017 at 530 p.m. The award show was hosted by Meenakshi Dixit. The prestigious ceremony was celebrated to encourage and acknowledge the talented artists in the Telugu television and cinema industries. The award show recognized various categories, from the genre of comedy to the genre of reality shows. Notable actors and artists like Armaan Malik and the renowned Akkineni Nagarjuna were highlights of the show. Their presence added a flavor of excitement to the show. The channel where this was broadcast was Star Maa, which was first called ‘Maa TV’ when it initially started radio shows in 2002.

It later became a broader network with other channels. The award show was filled with performances by renowned artists, actresses, and actors. There was also a very astonishing couples dance by the actors, which resulted in a great reaction from the audience. Later, the award ceremony honored various artists for their brilliant acting skills, and the show never failed to miss anyone who had contributed to the Telugu television and cinema industries. The award show then came to an end with an emotional speech by the great artist Rishi of the Telugu television industry, and the viewers were moved by the speech, where some of the artists were smiling with tears. To know more about the Star Maa Parivaar Awards 2017, watch it on Star Maa and Disney Plus Hotstar.