Tamil Tv Serial Jeeboomba

Jeeboomba Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Jee Boom Ba was a children's adventure and fantasy show that aired in the 2000's on Vijaya TV. The show was inspired by the more popular Shaka Laka Boom Boom that aired on the sister channel of Vijaya TV – Star Plus. The channels are part of the Star Network. The name of the show is the Tamil version of the popular phrase, Abracadabra which is used by magicians all over. The show was produced by Flower Boys Entertainment. The show revolved around an ancient pencil which had magical powers.

The pencil had the ability to fulfill wishes of any person. It granted them when the user used the pencil to draw specific objects or things. The pencil then bought these things to real life. While the pencil in Shaka Laka Boom Boom also granted the user the power to bring things to life, the pencil in Jee Boom Baa had the power to talk to the person wielding it. The pencil was incredibly powerful, and as a result, it had many people after it. The story of the show centred around the kids who found the pencil and the adventures they had with them.

The pencil often finds itself in the hands of children who marvel at the power the pencil has. They are first overwhelmed and abuse this power. However, as time progresses they learn to control it and start to use the power wisely. The presence of this pencil is known to several people, and as such, they try to snatch the pencils easily. Despite being disadvantaged, the kids show incredible courage and battle these goons who repeatedly try to take away the pencils. The kids have numerous adventures and encounter many people including the goons and police.

Their adventures are often hidden from the sight of their parents and neighbours. The kids also use the magical pencil to aid in the fight against the evil people. The show became popular among kids and soon became a fan favourite. It is suitable for kids of all ages as it does not have excessive gore or graphic scenes. The pencil and its powers act as a proxy that the show uses to teach the kids about various values and lessons in life. Kids will love this show for it teaches them about courage, determination and the concept of right and wrong. It also has the perfect balance of humor, action, and drama for the kids to enjoy.