Tamil Tv Serial Ethanai Manithargal

Ethanai Manithargal Tamil Tv serials on Dd podhigai

Ethanai manithargal, was produced by Manickam Narayanan with his own production house, the 7th Channel productions. The serial was credited for being the longest running serial on Doordarshan in those days. It was aired on the Pothigai channel during the 90s. The title song was penned by Kanmani Subbu, which was melodious with Chitra’s voice. Devendiran rendered the music beautifully. The story and the dialogues were handled by Ramaneevan, which had several excellent l scenes. The serial had won many awards, including the Mylapore academy for drama award. Priyadarshini won the best actress award from the academy. She had recently said in an interview, that many people still identify her for “Ethanai Manithargal”. The character of Vasanthi, was played by her. The casts included leading actors Sivakumar, Sarathbabu, Sumitra, Vijaya, Moon Moon sen, Priyadarshini, Devadarshini and others.

The characters were depicted well along with all the actors, who did justice to their jobs. But more appreciation was given to Sivakumar for his extraordinary performance. The serial appealed only to the older audience. Therewas nopepfortheyoungsters. It was written in a magazine, that in Vishranthi, a home for senior citizens, the tea-time was scheduled according to the serial's telecast time, which was from 2.45 to -3.15 p.m. The story revolved around the life of an editor, played by Sivakumar . He was the head of a magazine named “Alaigal”, which was initially started by his father. His wife Vijaya, played by MoonMoonSenhad died in an accident. His money- minded and greedy cousins circled around him. After a point of time, he met Valarmathi and eventually married her. During his way to Ooty, he had met with an accident.and he found his wife and daughter by chance in Ooty.

On the advice of an astrologer, his former wife had moved out of his life. She was told that it was better for her husband's speedy recovery and health if they lived separately. On hearing about his second marriage, she had preferred to stay out of his life to the point of time, after she committed suicide. His daughter, because of the failure in her relationships, began living her life without any aim, pleasures, luxury., She began living the a life of an ascetic . Valamarthi then went to an unknown destination with her daughter, who belonged to her and Sivakumar. The daughter was brought up as a bold and sincere lady. The magazine was taken over by the greedy cousins and Valarmathi came to know the death of Sivakumar thorugh the newspapers. With the help of her kind -hearted neighbours, Sumitra and Sarathbabu, Valarmathi fought a legal battle and she retrieved the papers which proved that she and her daughter were his legal heirs. The magazine was then returned to her daughter and her, as per the wishes of the dead man.