Marathi Tv Serial Vithu Mauli


Vithu Mauli is a Marathi serial that airs on the channel Star Pravah from Monday to Saturday at 6:30 pm. It is produced by Addinath Kothare. The main characters of the show are Ekta Labde as Devi Rukmini, Bageshree Nimbalkar as Satyabhama, and Ajinkya Raut as Lord Vittal. The serial ran for two seasons. The first season had 60 episodes, and the second one had 721 episodes. Vithu Mauli is a mythological serial about Lord Vittal, an avatar of Lord Krishna. He is the prime deity in Maharashtra.

The serial shows how Lord Krishna took the avatar of Lord Vittal at the request of his devotee Pundalik, the founder of Pandharpur. Lord Krishna was impressed by Pundalik’s devotion to his parents and decided to grant him a boon. Pundalik asks Lord Krishna to stay on Earth to take care of his devotees. Lord Krishna agrees and takes the avatar of Lord Vittal. Initially, Satyabhama and Rukmini were upset about Lord Krishna leaving them, to take another human form. Goddess Parvati makes them realize why that avatar is important for humanity. Then, Lord Vittal helps his devotees deal with various adversities in life and saves them from evil. He saves Pandharpur from the hands of Kali, the Kaliyug demon.