Malayalam Tv Show Vartha Annum Innum

Vartha Annum Innum Malayalam Tv shows on Asianet news

Vartha Annum Innum is a news oriented programme telecasted in Asianet News that takes out sensational events which was once discussed actively in the media and then forgotten. The programme attempts to dissect the incident, attempt to draw conclusions from the news reports then and slowly, explore through what is happening with the forgotten story today. The programme is divided into two slots – Annu and Innu. ‘Annu portrays what happened then and ‘Innu’ portrays what is happening at present.

The programme tries to bring out the hidden truths behind what happened. The show attempts to bring out the people who were either victims or were part takers in the circumstance under discussion. What happened long before is often forgotten and media stops the news once the sensational elements are over. However, there are people who fall victim to it all and spend a life time in solitude or attempting to pull back the lives they have lost. Very often, there are someone out there to whom justice is denied. This show is an attempt to bring to light those forgotten truths and a humble attempt to open the eyes of the authority towards the justice denied. The show has so far attempted on very serious issues like the Kalolsavam scandals, Rajan Pillai case etc, where there are truths lurking in the shadow. 

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Vartha Annum Innum is a television news show which is broadcasted in Malayalam Language.  Vartha Annum Innum is aired on the prominent and leading Malayalam news channel Asianet News. It is a popular and much liked and much talked about news show which airs every day in the week that is, from Monday through Sunday from 4:00 pm onwards. Vartha Annum Innum is anchored by the most efficient and popular faces or the newsreaders of Asianet News channel. Vartha Annum Innum is not like the other ordinary news channel shows. It does not just show any news through ordinary and simple news reading. Vartha Annum Innum showcases the stories with full truth and detail video footage on an interactive basis.

The show is also often termed as [email protected] Apart from the daily ordinary and breaking news this popular and efficient news show, Vartha Annum Innum every day addresses the news shown in past and also current related to any sensitive issues and the news of major mishaps and happening along with its in-depth and detailed analysis accompanied by interviews, criticisms, latest information and updates, general public’s reaction and feedback on the concerned topic. Some of the major sensitive issues and happenings which have been discussed in details in Vartha Annum Innum are- Koothupuramba firing, Endosulphan victims in Kerala, Muthanga agitation, analysis of Kerala school Kalolsavam etc.