Hindi Tv Show Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara

This is a supernatural category show which airs on Colors Tv. The producers of the show are Telefilms, and Rashmi Sharma. The lead of the show is Adaa Khan. This supernatural show is about the story pf vishkanyas, the girls who are fed poison, and later become immune to it. The story has a base in Rajasthan about a girl named Sitara. Sitara is the daughter of Vrinda, and Kuldeep.

Later it was found that avrinda is a cishkanya, and was thrown into jail with her friends after Sitara was born. Kuldeep then met Rachna, and married her, leaving the past behind. Twenty years later, Sitara grew up to be a good girl unknown about who she was as she was told that Rachna was her mother, and she died giving birth to her. Sitara returns to her home, and there starts the twists, and turns about who is she, and the conspiracies in the palace. The show is eye candy for supernatural lovers.