Hindi Tv Show Superdude Season 2

Superdude Season 2 Hindi tv-shows on UTV BINDASS

Superdude Season 2 is an Indian reality television series, which is telecasted by the channel UTV Bindaas. The show comes back with another season after a successful first season. The series began airing on 27 October, exactly at when the clock ticked on 7 in the evening. This year 13 contestants were selected to appear on the show. These participants were screened through walk-in auditions across three Indian cities, which were Mumbai, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Like the previous season, even this season brought back Ashmit Patel as the host who also mentors the guys in becoming the ultimate Superdude.

The hot and sizzling Sofia Hayat and Madhura Naik come back as well to judge the boys on the charm and ability to entice women. Last season became a huge hit, and that’s why the channel came back with an unchanged format but with more content, such as much more intriguing tasks and more difficult terms to impress the judges. The edge of the season is delivered through the quotient of dude which was a bit elevated. The show has been spreading its wings by going on the web through online episodes, or as it is called webisodes.

This year the winner was awarded the Superdude Bike, which is a custom made job by Vardenchi and that delivers a power of about 500cc. The Superdude Mansion was the place where these contestants took residence during the period of this program, just like the last season. This year, the 13 contestants were divided into two groups, the bad boys, and the good boys. The two teams were given separate rooms and even tasks. The contestants were divided by thoroughly screening their tastes, character, and moods, into the two groups.

Like the last season, this season was formatted into two rounds in each episode. The first one was where each dude has to perform a task, and the second one is where they have to impress Sofia and Madhura. The missing factor of last year was that the show was a huge hit mostly amongst the boys, but unlike last year, this season squared off the factor and was successful in tapping a popularity quotient in both the genders. One more aspect which was a twist in the show’s plot was that the team of good boys and bad boys were not permanent, which meant that by observing the boys behaviour inside the Mansion, they could be interchanged between the two teams anytime. This gave the show an all-new edge.