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In this series, Rupert Bear and friends embark on a series of exciting adventures. Some of the episodes telecast were ‘Rupert And The Song Snatcher’, ‘Rupert Bear And The Jolly Roger’, ‘Rupert and Pong Ping’, ‘ Rupert and Algy's Misadventure’, ’Rupert and the Purple Cakes’, etc.

When Rupert meets Ping Pong in China, he develops a friendship with him. As Ping Pong ends up being kidnapped by the Emperor, Rupert rescues his friend Pong Ping. In another episode, Rupert follows Algy and rescues him from the hands of an evil knight.

Another telecast showed how Rupert teaches his friend Podgy never to eat anything unless you know exactly what it is and where it comes from.

Each story begins in Nutwood, where Rupert usually sets out on a small errand, which then develops into an adventure. Rupert visits exotic places such as King Frost’s castle, the kingdom of Birds, the bottom of the sea and even underground.

By the end of every story, he returns home to Nutwood where all is safe and well. Rupert is a comic strip which is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor or form a narrative. This idea had originated from the Daily Express, a daily national tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom. Even today, the comic strip is published in the Daily Express.

With the creation of several television series based on the character of Rupert, it has become a well-known character even in children’s comics.