Hindi Tv Show Rock On With Mtv Season 2

Rock On With Mtv Season 2 Hindi Tv shows on M tv

After the immense success of the first season of Rock On with MTV Desi Beats, the makers were back with another season to it. It was a dream-come-true for not just the fans of the first season but also anybody who wished to present their talents to the public at large. The format was similar to season 1 of the show. Rock On with MTV gave an all new opportunity for all music lovers especially to those who missed it for the first time. Just like the previous one, anybody who could sing or could play an instrument but did not have a band could be a part of it.

Once selected, all the participants were formed into groups to make a ban. The show promises to be a mixture of music, reality, and MTV. Contestants were supposed to come up with their own compositions which were a proof of the originality and the raw talent of the participants which the judges were looking for. Just like the previous one, in this season of Rock On with MTV contestants will be judged on the music quotient and the ‘Desi’ quotient. Unlike the season 1, this one was judged by Pritam and Rahul Ram who is the bass guitarist and vocalist of Indian Ocean.

Judges traveled various parts of the country in search of the best talents of raw Indian music. What they looked for was passion and talent. Rock on with MTV was one such platform, where there were fewer restrictions, and also more importance was given to originality of work. MTV again used its ideas to bring out something impressive for the youth. The talent that was hidden and unrecognized was given the chance to become known and be heard. They took another step to redefine music through the second season.

The show itself is appreciable for believers in rock music and people who excel at it. There was always less scope for musicians who wanted to make new tracks out of old songs, but MTV provided the platform for this to youngsters through this show. The hosts for this season were VJ Ayushmann and Lisa Haydon. While the first season encountered mostly individual musicians, the second one also saw a lot of more band appearances. With more exposure and more competition, the struggle was tougher.

Rock On with MTV Season 2 was won by the band Divine Connection whereas the first runner-up was the band Kaivalyaa. The show which gave many musicians the chance to live their dreams also matched the level of expectations through the second season.