Hindi Tv Show One Life To Love

One Life To Love Hindi tv-shows on YouTube Channel

One Life to Love is a show that connects with the viewers in a very different way and helps them to analyses their personal as well as professional life issues in their aims. The show focuses on giving values related to living healthier, happy and less stressed life. The show involves documentary conversation format that helps the viewers to apply the values discussed by the experts through this show. In this show celebrities also share their thoughts and life experiences; they want that their life stories should be inspiring for the viewers. They talk about the turning points of their life and ho it changed their life from being an ordinary person to becoming a star.

Viewers were able to connect with the show, in thirty minutes of the time period they used to learn how to head their life. The philosophy behind the show “If you’re alive, you may as well be happy.” The show was created by Simran Bhargava Simran Bhargava is known for her role as a TV host >> Read More... Simran Bhargava , a very talented writer, director and editor. For Financial Express she wrote a column named “Simran on Saturday”. Her thoughts are majorly interested in researching the intense personal issues. She was well known for playing magic with her beautiful words. This lady used to pen down some of the deepest and meaningful sentences of the life. One Life to Love is the best lifestyle talk show on the Indian Television. The show discusses more about the work-life balance and deals with every generation.

With the youngsters, many topics were so relatable including money, spirituality, work balance, books, and art of living, success and more. The way she presented the show has been appreciated a lot. The simplicity of the show touched the hearts of the million viewers. The show was known for its humour, active listening, and great thoughts and connects with the viewers. The TRP’s of the show were always on high because of the concentrated efforts of the team. The show content was so unique that in a small time, it attracted a major number of audiences.

Soon, Simran became one of the favourite TV anchors for many. Her simplicity was applauded by many and that exactly made her known in this complex world. For the viewers watching her on TV was not exactly like that. For them, it was a treat to have in their daily life. The show telecasted different Episodes, Anupam Kher on Failure & Second Chances, the fundamental challenges of leadership, the wisdom of Kamasutra were some of the episodes telecasted by the show One Life to Love.