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MTV Roadies 1 was an Indian Reality Television show. At one point in time, it was known as the most popular reality series in Indian television because for a couple of years it received the highest TRP ratings in this genre. It used to be so popular that even if someone doesn’t see it, they had definitely heard of it. ‘ Raghu Ram’ was the chief developer of the concept of this show. It all began with season 1 in the year 2003, and till now the show has produced about thirteen seasons in the duration of 13 years of its glory.

The format of the show begins with the auditions, which takes place in several cities. Those, who aspire and wants to be in this competition comes to the auditions and are introduced to two levels of selection, which is the group discussion, and then the personal interview. During the group discussions, the entire crowd at a place is divided into groups of 20 to 30 participants, and each group is assembled in a room, where they are given a topic to debate on. A mediator stays in the room while the contestants point out their views and opinions regarding the topic. The mediator then chooses the ones he finds interesting and takes him to the committee meeting.

In the committee meeting, all the mediators along with Raghu decide the names which will be shortlisted, and generally, the most interesting people are the ones who are selected. After this, the few people who are selected are called for a personal interview. This round is one of the highlights of the show. It has been known as the key element in pulling viewers to the show. In this round, Raghu along with another person interviews the selected contestants, tests their skills and judge them that if even they are good enough to be on the show. After the interviews are done, few people are chosen, and these people become the roadies, who contest against each other in the show to become the best roadie of that season.

The first season’s winner was none other than ‘ Rannvijay Singh’. He managed to bag so much out of the show that from season 2 he was the one who became the official host of the following seasons. Along with receiving this huge opportunity of a career, he also gained the final prize of this show which was an army bullet.