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Hindi Tv Show MasterCard Family Fortune

MasterCard Family Fortune Hindi Tv shows on Star plus

Mastercard Family Fortune is a television game show where an entire family comprising four or five members compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes. The show was hosted by popular TV anchor Roshan Abbas. This popular game show also bagged the Screen Videocon Awards for general entertainment at the 6th Annual Screen Videocon Awards ceremony for excellence in cinema, television and music. It eventually gained top rankings among the top ten programs in the country and was the greatest game shows of all time. Each round begins with a toss-up between two opposing players, with the host asking a survey question that was previously asked to the group.

The show started off with the families being introduced, seated facing each other. The first player to buzz in gives an answer. Ties are broken in favor of the player who buzzes in first. The family with control of the question now tries to win the round by guessing all of the remaining concealed answers, with each member giving one answer in sequence. Also, instead of single contestants the show aims to provide a complete family experience. It was a hilarious how with many times unpredictable answers. In this show, participants could get into conversations with his team players, and the show really excelled in the presentation.

Above all, Mastercard Family Fortune was an adaptation of Amercian television show ‘Family Feud’. As always anchor Roshan Abbas proved to be a gentleman anchor again with this show.