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Loveline is an associated radio call-in program, presenting relationship and medical guidance to listeners, often with the backing of a special mate, typically of actors or musicians and is a podcast in North America. It was launched in 1983 on Los Angeles radio station KROQ as a Sunday night section, introduced by DJ Swedish Egil (Egil Aalvik) and DJ Jim "Poorman" Trenton. Subsequently, after a year later, Trenton combined a part termed “Ask a Surgeon”, presented by his confidant and a fourth-year medical student and still completing graduation at the University of Southern California, Dr. Drew Pinsky. The bifurcated portions soon consolidated into their own program, co-hosted by Pinsky and Trenton.

In February 1992, the show which aired only on Sunday midnights got promoted to five nights a week proving its acclaim. Year after year, Trenton’s connection with the station grew lithic, and in August 1993 he was recouped by former MTV VJ Riki Rachtman. As the show was first being syndicated nationally, Dr. Drew and Rachtman were accompanied by Adam Carolla in October 1995.The ternion hosted together for considerable months, but Carolla and Rachtman often contended for better performance, progressing Rachtman to abdicate in April 1996. From that moment, Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla emceed the show until Carolla's exodus on November 3, 2005.

The popularity and horizons of the show rose perilously during the “Carolla/Pinsky" term. The two had an innate chemistry, in which Pinsky's deductive expertise emphasised with Carolla's humorous and teasing tone. As a duo, they polished the layout of the pomp and capitalised on their growing acclaim with a television show, speaking tours, cameo appearances on television shows, a book, and in movies. Carolla dumped the spectacle on November 3, 2005, to get ready for flocking an original Sunrise radio show in 2006. Loveline follows the consulting and brainstorming inquiry-and-response structure with the sole goal of helping young adults and youth with sexuality, relationship, and drug addiction problems.

As a practising addictionologist and internist with discipline in psychology, Dr. Drew's reply have medical believability, but the addition of Adam Carolla’s banter and acumen grew in a program with amusement value as well. Carolla frequently stated his role on the fair as something of a stratagem. He seduced listeners with crummy yet ludicrous jokes, gags, and antics in hopes they'd understand something that could revamp their lives.

Since Carolla's withdrawal in November 2005, the show has progressed with celebrity guests and co-hosts, some of whom have declared their desire to be employed as Carolla's stand-in. Surviving the test of time, KROQ’s amazing DJ Stryker dealt with co-host Pinsky in creating the same magic from July 23, 2006, till April 30, 2009. In the meanwhile, Mike Catherwood, the famous television, and KROQ’s well known RJ took possession of the entertaining duties, conveying a rare yet peculiar viewpoint to the show as both an improving devotee and humorist in March 2010. Pinsky left the show in April 2016. After a hiatus, the show was restarted as a podcast with Amber Rose as host. STAY TUNED!!!!