Hindi Tv Show Dahhej

Dahhej Hindi Tv shows on Channel 9x

TV series Dahhej was an unusual story of a girl Kalyaani, who is the queen for her father. She sacrifices her happiness to fulfill aspirations of her family. The story also has another girl Krutika who is the sister of Kalyaani, but she is different in her habits from her sister.

Kalyaani is an ideal daughter who wants to sacrifice for other’s happiness while Krutika believes in grabbing happiness for her own sake only. Life of Kalyaani changes once she became a part of her elder sister Krutika’s dowry.

Dahhej in Hindi means dowry, and hence, it is a tale of love, passion, sacrifice, hate, and justice. Anisha Kapoor plays the lead role of Kalyaani. Other famous TV actors such as including Deepshikha, Bhuvnesh, Muskaan are also part of the cast of this TV serial.

The serial had a run for two years (2007 and 2009). It is a story of two sisters who have different ideology although they were born in the same family. The story revolved around two sisters and their own destiny. The show was telecast every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 PM slot. The telecast date was January 7, 2008.