Hindi Tv Show Bezubaan

Bezubaan Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV

Bezubaan is a Pakistani drama serial that aired on 23rd June 2012 on Hum Tv in Pakistan with the initial name ‘Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley’ and later in India on Channel Zindagi with the name ‘Bezubaan’. Directed by Adnan Ahmad, produced by Momina Duraid, the director of the award-winning show ‘ Behadd’ Bezubaan became a very famous story of love, hatred, animosity and crime. The show was written by Bushra Ansari. It is a story of two friends one being Abdul Rehman who is an owner of an engineering firm, has a wife named Zakia and they both are very kindhearted and caring and are parents of a deaf and mute son, Arooj. The other being Ahmed Ali who is a poor shopkeeper yet loving and caring for his family and their needs.

Ahmed Ali’s younger daughter, Arfa is engaged to her maternal cousin Junaid and his eldest daughter Aamna is of very bubbly nature. Zakia asks her Razia, her sister to marry her daughter Neelam who is a spoiled girl with all bad habits smoking, drinking, premarital sex to marry Arooj but Neelam doesn’t like Arooj. Razia’s husband Kamran is jealous of Abdul’s wealth and tries to rob them. Razia suffers from a heart attack due to her husband’s plans and the destroyed life of Neelam. Zakia takes care of her sister and one day she sees Neelam being intimate with her boyfriend Shiraz who later makes her pregnant and abandons her. Neelam dies on her way to the hospital after taking an abortion injection. Kamran and Razia are grief stricken.

Arfa is sent to Karachi to pursue higher studies who is raped brutally there by her classmate Salaar who is a friend of Arfa’s spoiled roommate Samreen there. Arfa suffers from depression and later on married to Junaid. She often remembers the events with Salaar and is panic-striken and also loses her first daughter due to her negligence towards her. Arooj on the other hand while going to Bangkok to pursue his passion for photography meets with an accident and is handicapped for life.

Aamna, on the other hand, meets Salaar later on who disguises asAazam and convinces her to marry her. Meanwhile, Arfa gives birth to a son and tries to come out of depression. On the wedding day, Arfa meets Salaar and recognises him and slaps him and saves Aamna from this evil man. Sarwat Gillani, who plays Amna is a model, actress and singer known for her multi-talents and the writer of the show Bushra Ansari is also seen acting as Zakia in the show.