Hindi Tv Serial Sammaan Ek Adhikaar

Sammaan Ek Adhikaar Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Sammaan Ek Adhikaar is a typical iconic Indian soap opera drama which started in 2009 and is still currently active. Mostly directed by Waseem Sabir, it has the iconic Jayati Bhatia and Bharat Chowda as the lead roles along with many others such as Micckie Dudaney, Lavesh Khairajani and Archana Malkani.

The story majorly deals with a girl named, Vrinda, who finds out that she is an illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man, much to her surprise, and that too, szhe learns that on his deathbed, he had left her all of his shares and property. But everything comes with a price, although what Vrinda had to pay was undoubtedly an unusual one.

The rich man wanted Vrinda to join his disjointed and broken joint family as he had always believed in her. Thus begins an epic tale in Vrinda’s life. She embarks on a journey putting her life on hold as she tries to fulfill her illegitimate father’s dying and last wish. She has to go through many hurdles, some of which put her life in danger as her real and legitimate family has a deep hatred toward her. Vrinda, being the smart one, decides to go incognito with a very close friend of her mother’s as well as her’s, a person named Rudra. Vrinda’s journey is not an easy one as her tryst with destiny always leaves her making difficult life choices, especially ones that connect them to her very soul. She has to balance out her Love and Hate as she is bent upon fulfilling her father’s last wish.

She plays out her cards by her tryst with destiny that she ends up losing her mother as well. She also has to pay a price to the very people she is trying to join in as a family member. Whatever follows next makes up the main crux of the story and revolves around the life of Vrinda as she goes on her roller coaster ride of fulfilling her father’s last wish.

The show is broadcast on DD National every Friday and Saturday night at 9 pm. The show has received a mixed response of positive to neutral reviews putting it on a better page. It is mainly directed by Deepak Chauhan, Waseem Sabir. Other directors are Swapnil Shahane, Ashish Srivastava, Vijay Saini, Sachin Kazmi, Raj Borade and Vivek Deshpande. It has been written by Mitu, Abhilasha Negi and Manish Srivastava. Creative Consultant is Sakshi Tanwar.