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Women are the face of today’s world. Without Women, the world would be a very dull place to live. They bring all happiness and cheerfulness to the society, and in the family, they live. Women empowerment, and strengthening of women’s powers and rights should be the main aim of today’s generation. Indian television has a great role to play to encourage and empower women. There are various programs that show how strong the female community is. One such leading and unique show is “Queens Hai Hum.”

This serial is one of the best entertainment and drama show that had been launched on 28th November 2016. It was aired on the And Tv Network. And Tv Network has come into existence a few years back and has won the hearts of the audience in a very short span of time. “Queens Hai Hum’ is produced by Prarthi M Dholakia and the production unit is Various Production Pvt Ltd. The show is written by Kumar Gautam and is broadcast at 8 pm from Monday to Friday. The plot of the serial revolves around five girls who are best friends and have totally opposite personalities to each other. Apart from the fact that all of them are different, they are still best friends.

They lead their lives, but in their busy and hectic schedule they don’t forget to take out time for each other which they unanimously call as “Me Time’’. These five ladies refer to themselves as queens, and the entire story revolves around them. These women have settled in Delhi and are leading their lives there. The five young girls are Maya Biyani, Tanya Tandon, Aakansha Bannerji Jha, Jhanvi Seth, and Shreya Dixit Rathore. The cast of Queens Hai Hum includes Bhavna Pani as Maya Biyani, Kenisha Bhardwaj as Tanya Tandon, Patrali Chattopadhyay as Aakanksha Bannerji, Shaily Priya Pandey as Jhanvi Seth, Jia Shankar as Shreya Dixit Rathore and Aansh Arora.

Maya Biyani has been given the title of ‘Beauty Queen’ because she owns a beauty salon, Aakansha Bannerji Jha is known as “Jhansi Ki Rani” as she happens to be a woman who fights for the rights of women and stands against violences done to women, Jhanvi Seth is called “Corporate Queen” in the serial as she is a hardworking woman whose main focus is her work as she tries to win the “Best Employee” title, Shreya Dixit Arora is called by the name “Bold Queen” after she did a pole dance in one of the parties.

Lastly, Tanya Tandon abbreviated as TT is commonly denoted as “Kitchen Queen” because she focuses on her husband and household, and is a typical Indian woman. The further episodes show about the lives of these five ladies who hang up together for their “Me Time” and discuss their lives. The story is a very youthful story that revolves around these girls. It is a very popular show and really fun to watch.