Hindi Tv Serial Missing

Missing Hindi tv-serials on SONY ENTERTAINMENT

Missing is a mystery serial that aired on Sony TV that shared the story of those missing people who suddenly disappeared from their families. Suhail Tatari as the director of the show creates fictional stories that display the plight of those lost people who might be dead, kidnapped, sold or used for wrong things. He also shows the other part of the story, the dismay of family members that leads their life to a complete dilemma of sadness and fear after such tragedies. The cast of the show is dynamic as every episode consists of new plot and characters, so the actors change accordingly. The host of the serial is Jackie Shroff, the famous Indian actor who has worked in famous films like Ram Lakhan, Hero, Devdas, Brothers, and so on.

Missing is one of the best career stories of Shroff, despite his high status he took the opportunity of working on a small scale series. The content of the show is such that once an episode begins, curiosity entangles the minds of its viewers and the very presence of Shroff as a narrator makes it even more exciting. Missing works as a platform to those lost people who never made it back to their homes, the stories that they leave behind is carried forward by the show. It is a great contribution to the population who relates and fear to talk about their story due to the fear of being blamed for the same. It also provides a path to those parents or people who lose their loved one and detests the idea of going to police for help.

They fail to realise in their dilemma and fear that their child, a relative might be a trouble that could lead him/her to the loss of life. The awareness that Missing as a realist depiction of kidnapping, murder and other criminal activities is dispersing is appreciable. To create knowledge about the rights of humans to file complaints, and the treachery associated with the disappearance of the people is boldly highlighted by Jackie Shroff in a very sympathetic way that does not hurt the feeling of the victim families and simultaneously created awareness of such activities that can be solved if dealt in an intelligent way. The goodness of the show lies in its clear storyline and creative fictional developments that are highly real and relatable. The plot of Missing presumes no exaggerated details and it with the perfect essence of drama portrays the exact situation that would occur if someone goes missing. It explains the reason of such happenings and also the precaution information to avoid the tragic ends of victims.