Hindi Tv Serial Mere Apne

Mere Apne Hindi Tv serials on Channel 9x

Mere Apne is a Hindi language family drama premiered on Channel 9X. It was first aired on 12th November 2007 and ended in the year 2008. Mere Apne is the story of a traditional Pandey family, which is marshalled by the head of family Kashinath Pandey (acted by Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna) and Sharda Pandey (acted by first Bahu of Indian Television Smriti Irani) wife of Kashinath Pandey and proud parents of Aditya (acted by Amit Jain), Vrinda (Gauri Nigudkar) and Shankar (Sidh Makkar). They all live together happily.

But, as it is daily soap, it is required to have some wicked person and they have widowed sister of Kashinath Pandey and her son in law Shakti (acted by Akhil Ghai), who always plots conspiracy to break their family unity. They even shake their hands with Bhanu Pratap Singh (acted by Shahbhaz Khan), who shares grudge with Kashinath Pandey. Vrinda is an apple of Kashinath’s eyes and she also loves her father a lot, but Vrinda falls in love Vikram (acted by Rohit Bakshi) who is the son of Bhanu Pratap Singh. Kashinath does not want Vrinda to marry Vikram, but she refused to do so and conflict occurs between father and daughter. Aditya is US returned doctor and Kashinath wants him to open a hospital in Banaras itself, A subsequent situation leads to a big drama in the Pandey family. 

In the Kashinath family his youngest son Shankar is just good for nothing. Due to the difference in opinion the unity of their family broke up. Meanwhile, Aditya falls in love with a girl named Sana (acted by Aaskha Goradia). Now, Sharda tries to accumulate her family members in a thread collectively. Sharda makes them to realize their mistakes and Aditya, Vrinda and Shankar make a move in to the family once again. Finally, Pandey family become united once again.

(12th November 2007 – 2008)