Hindi Tv Serial Marvi

Marvi Hindi TV SERIALS on YouTube Channel

Marvi is a Pakistani drama series aired on PTV in 1993. It is a modern version of a Sindhi folktale ‘Umar Marvi.’ It starred Ghazal Siddique as Marvi and Hassan Qazi as Umer. The story revolves around a girl named Marvi who lives in a village. She wants to improve the conditions of the people living around her, and therefore she goes to the city to study. She faces a lot of trouble and turmoil as her lover Umer, who is very possessive about her becomes so obsessed with her that he does awful things.

He takes help from his friend Akhbar who in turn kidnaps Marvi and threatens to kill her. Marvi escapes and goes to her boss. The story takes lots of ups and downs, twist and turns, which makes Marvi learn a great lesson on love and life.