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Asad Qureshi Urdu Actor

Asad Qureshi is a British-Pakistan origin filmmaker of the Pakistan and British Film Industry. He was born on 20 November 1959 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He has been staying in Pakistan since 2005 and has worked for the film industry. He had enough courage to film about the harsh reality of the Taliban and the common people. For BBC's Panorama (a British documentary program), Asad directed the documentary "The Battle of Swat Valley," where he showed the actions taken for the Taliban by the army in Swat.

Again, in September 2009, he started filming for "Defusing Human Bombs," which was shot in Pakistan and was all about kidnapping small children by the Taliban to train them to be suicide bombers. But unfortunately, on 26 March 2010, his project came to a halt as he was kidnapped by a militant group known as the "Asian Tigers." He was abducted from Waziristan, where he was shooting for the film. After being held for 165 days, he and his driver were released in September 2010.

Asad then continued to work on his project "Defusing Human Bombs" and released the film in April 2011. His release was unusual because the Pakistani Taliban are infamous for executing most of its victims. Some notable works of Asad, for which he is well-known, are "" (2017), "Toxemia" and "165 Days" (2021). Apart from working as a director, he has also worked as Second Unit Director, Producer, and Cinematographer for many films.