Hindi Tv Serial Mahanagar

Mahanagar Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Mahanagar is one of the Hindi serials that appealed the most to the audiences in the late 80s. The time at which it was broadcasted is known as the 'Golden Era' of Indian television. The was of Indian origin. It was one of the best shows that impressed people with its versatility. The show was broadcasted on Doordarshan. Being the largest viewed channel of the country, the serial had a massive number of fans and was able to penetrate to the core of the crowd. The serial was widely appreciated for its freshness and the unique concept. The show used to showcase a different story in each episode.

The stories were written by legendary writers or from the regional ones who were doing well on a surface level and had the talent to pen down some realistic words that can leave an impact on the society with their pens. It depicted the hardships a man or a woman living in metro city faces in his life. The busy roads and the moving city has always been a center of attraction for most of the people in the country. However, what happens once you get there is the key of the serial. How a person gets lost in the amidst environment and busy life of the city is the USP of the serial.

It focuses on showing the lives of the people who have completely lost themselves in the fast-moving life of the metro city. The stories were brought to life by some of the famous actors we have seen in the golden era of television. Actors like Shekhar Kapoor, Reema Lagoo, Sriram Lagoo and other yesteryear actors were given the job of bringing life and soul to the stories. The show was broadcasted on five days in a week. It comprises of a total of three hundred sixty-five episodes in total that have been broadcasted on the Indian Television. It had very simple narration to get the message to the masses.

V.P. Kale has done a brilliant work while directing this show to keep it precise and get his message across the audience. His main motive was to create a simple show that people of all ages can enjoy. In addition to this, he introduced a new story in every episode which was a master stroke as people got fresh content everyday that felt more entertaining than daily soaps. The show still has fans now, and they watch the episodes over and over online. It is the simplicity of the show that has moved a lot of people and made a huge fan base for itself.