Hindi Tv Serial Maa Exchange

Maa Exchange Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Maa exchange was a reality show which was never seen before on Indian television. This was a hindi version of popular international show “Wife swap “It was launched on 12 January 2011 on Sony TV on Wednesday and Thursday evenings 9pm to 10pm.

Participants in the show: Pooja Bedi, Aparna Mehta, Anuradha Nigam, Surekha Sikri

Pooja Bedi a former Bollywood actress and daughter of actor Kabir Bedi

Aparna Mehta is a popular television actress known for her supporting roles in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

Anuradha Nigam is wife of comedian actor Rajiv Nigam

Surekha Sikri an actress who has done theatre, movies and currently in television. She has won National Award for Best Supporting actress twice. She is popularly known as “Dadisa” for her role in the Hindi serial Balika Vadhu.

Show Concept

The women from two different families having disparate backgrounds and cultural mindsets exchange homes put themselves in each other’s shoe and experience the daily life with the other family. The swapped mothers will have to be in the house for eight days wherein four days they will have to follow the old rules laid by the original mother and the rest four days the family will follow the new rules laid by them. There will be eight mothers who will be swapped out of which four are related to the entertainment industry and the rest four from the common family, and the show will go for thirteen weeks.

At the end of the “exile”, the mothers confront each other with/without their worse halves, and behold the sparks flying as each try to convince the other where she had gone wrong in household management. In the last episode, the word warfare had gone out of hand. Abuses were slung like missiles with the chime of the beeps and fists of fury brandished while the camera relished the brouhaha!

The edgy and eye-opening show came about with the key insight that while every woman has monopoly in her home and she believes that she is the best home maker The highs and lows of these experiences and the learning as a result of the swap makes this show standout amidst the clutter. It was an enriching experience for every woman.