Hindi Tv Serial Khel

Khel is Smita Thackeray’s first serial telecasted by Sony TV in 2001. She is an Indian film producer who is known for her production of movies like Haseena Maan Jaegi, Kaisay Kahein, Sandwich, etc. Her career is in the lights of her talent of producing excellent films, serials and short stories; she began to work for small screen starting with her revolutionary show Khel oriented with the idea of feminism. The quality of her storyline resides in the motive that it carries, Khel teaches women to grow over their miserable life of patriarchal dominance and proclaim their talent as exposure to society. The show aired on 22nd July 2001 on the most demanding channel, Sony starring Dalip Tahil, Nirmal Pandey, Priya Tendulkar, Mrinal Kulkarni and Moon Moon Sen. Dalip Tahil is famous Indian Film Actor, known for his villainous roles and movies like Ishq, Baazigar, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Ra.One, etc.

Priya Tendulkar is a writer as well as an actress in Bollywood film industry. She has worked in the films like Gupt, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, etc. as supporting actress. Nirmal, Mrinal and Moon Moon are recognised Actor too; Mrinal is present in the hearts of every 90s kids as Sonpari. The cast is an effective combination of well-versed role players, assuring the audience of the proficiency of the serial. Moon Moon Sen is the leading actress of Khel. The story develops around the psyche of women being weak, which the show tentatively questions. Smita focuses the attention of women on their capability to achieve their inner in the modern society where patriarchy still holds the grounds; the importance commercial success is at stake at the hands of family and responsibilities.

Through the plot of the show, Smita tends to portray to her women viewers that they should not be subjugated y the idea of being weak, the second sex and the homely creature as conventions demand them to be. They should rather be goal oriented and bold; their motive should not be a definition recited by the ideals of family responsibility. A Woman should rise as individuals; their existence needs questioning. This revolution is a motivational technique by Smita in her serial Khel which works in the progress of women as free souls who must not fear the society and its trends. Women are motivated to grow over their traditional image of “servers” and rise as high as the man, if not above them.