Hindi Tv Serial Khaufnaak

Khaufnaak Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment



Khaufnaak, an Indian thriller TV serial on SonyTV showcase stories that will chill you deep down. Stories of frightfulness - super natural powers, black magic, spirits, the dead ascending from their graves to retaliate for themselves. A weekend dose of one hour of the most dreadfull of all feeling - fear itself! Obsession that stalks and murders. Recommended only for those having a strong heart. People with weak hours may keep them away from watching this horroe show in the dark night, feeling fear to it fullest.

Every story based on an unique concept of paranormal activities, for example, apparitions, zombies, ghosts, undead people, black magic and witches and wizards. This TV series started in Year 2001 and goes off air in Year 2011, after completing a succesfully 10 years of its journey. Each story has different faces casting different stars for each episode. Once in a while the on-screen characters/performers who had showed up in a few scenes of an episode returned in different scenes of the series.This annthology series turned into a mainstream serial in the 90's and had short stories which were shown in an episode of 1 hour.