Hindi Tv Serial Kanyadaan

Kanyadaan Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Kanyadaan belongs to the drama genre. It was produced by Balaji. It was the first show of Ekta Kapoor in her ‘K’ series. Sony Entertainment Television telecasted the show. The show basically focuses on Indian women. The story is of a family which is happy at first comprising of 6 members, the mother who is suffering and self-sacrificing woman, two daughters, one who is a rebel & the other who is a sweet suffering soul, very disciplined, their brother, and the father. Their family life is happily going on till the twist comes in the form of mother’s illegitimate daughter who causes a rift between the family and the rebel daughter.

The veteran actress Kirron Kher plays the character of the mother, and her daughter’s roles are played by Jayati Bhatia, the legitimate one, and Poonam Narula Goel, the illegitimate one. The sense of sexuality and femininity was retained in the mother while struggling to keep her family bonded together even after her past came back. Kavita, her legitimate daughter, had her own share of tribulations. She was constantly rejected by the suitors only because of her average looks, while the show’s hero was extremely handsome, a complete contrast to the plain and simple Kavita.

Many options were considered for the role which included top models of the day such as Diwakar Pundir and Himanshu Malik. But the role eventually went to the debonair and dashing Sudhanshu Pandey who became very popular among female audiences with this show. Their life became further remorseful when the father dies. The struggles of the family keep on going with new twists and turns of their life. So what do you think is the past of the mother?

What will happen in the family due to the illegitimate daughter? Will the show’s hero like Kavita? Or his entry will cause some new problems in lives of the members of the family? Will the mother be able to keep her family together even after all the twists that come in their ways? To know answers to all these questions, watch Kanyadaan. One more interesting thing about Kanyadaan was its music and artistic title montage. The narrative structure and sentimental quotient of Kanyadaan set the rhythm and tone of Ekta Kapoor’s subsequent serials.

One of the most important question that people think after seeing such shows are why always women should be forgiving? Why they should behave as forgetful and forgiving souls who could forgive anyone that cause injustice on them? The show was very interesting and entertaining. The acting of the cast was superb which helped the audience to connect with the characters.