Hindi Tv Serial Kaala Saaya

Kaala Saaya Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one
Kaala Saaya was a hindi horror serial aired on Sahara one. It was produced by Sunil Agnihotri and the main cast consisted of Mamik Singh and Aalia Shah who investigate and try to solve some mysterious deaths. The story revolves round the evil which wants to engulf the mankind in its clutches at all times most unexpectedly and takes the mankind to a journey into the unknown dark world that co-exists in this world. As two investigators, Ranvir( played by Mamik Singh) and Aalia (Played by Aalia Shah) try to solve several mysterious deaths, they come upon a twelve year boy who is the only common link between the deaths. Upon further investigations, this duo reaches to an awakened demon with the ability to pass from body to body, destroying everything that comes in its path. It can possess any one, be it a child or a mother, a priest or even a psychotic, mad man. As the evil feeds on the darkness inside its unwilling but helpless hosts, growing more and more powerful. Ranvir and Aalia take the help of a psychic and a journalist in tracking down the demon in order to kill it. The story goes on to tell how these mere mortals overpower and destroy the ancient evil power and how Ranvir and Aalia save the world to get rid of the evil power which is all set to engulf the world in to eternal darkness.

The serial was first telecast on January 24, 2011 and after 115 episodes, it was taken off air on July 1, 2011.