Hindi Tv Serial Jeevan Saathi

Jeevan Saathi Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv
Jeevan Saathi was produced by famous Bollywood Comedian Paresh Rawal. This show aired on Colors TV and was on air from 21 July 2008 to 4 September 2009 rolling out a total of 310 episodes.

It is based on the love story of Neil (Gaurav Khanna) and Viraj (Vaani Sharma). The main character for most of the show is Viraj, a young and ambitious woman and does not like the methods and rules of her egoistic politician father. She was in love with a foreigner Neil Fernandez completely until, Viraj’s father (played by Vikram Gokhale) and Brother Start planning to get her married. She finally reveals the truth to her father about her love but, Vikramaditya decides that is against his political agenda and hence gets her married to Ishwar (played by Amit Dalvi) who is a mute person.

She hates Ishwar initially but ultimately starts liking him. She also takes revenge against her father by cancelling his vote in the congress and makes him loose the election. To avenge this, her father declares her as mentally ill and sends her to the mental hospital where her only help is Ishwar who tries to do whatever he can to protect Viraj. She eventually turns mentally ill and then the story is carried forward by Ishwar helping her out and protecting her from her own family and the world at the same time.