Hindi Tv Serial Indra Dhanush

Indra Dhanush was aired in DD National channel, targeting the children exclusively. The serial was an Indian children's television serial, which was a mixture of Sci-Fiction and Fantasy. It was telecasted every Sundays and was produced and directed by Anand Mahendroo.

The story revolved around a group of kids, who assembled a computer. In that, the computer became the host to an alien prince from a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy on the run from his enemies. The rest was about the events, which took a lot of weird turns, like, one of the kids got kidnapped by one of the enemies of the prince. The Prince gave them a Time-Travel machine. With this machine they tried seeing their past and rescue their friend.

The cast included, Akshay Anand, ' Karan Johar', Vishal Singh, Rajendra Shinde, Jitendra Rajpal in the lead. It was aired from 1988 to 1989.The wonderful and highly applauded serial was produced and directed by Anand Mahendra. The serial was ahuge hit among the kids and it was a favourite among the children. It was voted as one of the best shows for children in those days, when telecasted. The show was very popular that it was dubbed in many other Indian languages.

The main success for the serial was the story,woven in a wonderful way ,that made the audience enjoy it the most. It also depicted the need of intelligence and knowledge and this serial,described the importance of technology too.